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,, Być narodowi użytecznym’’
        Stanisław Staszic                                               
Dear Sir/Madam
A primary school number 1 named Stanisława Staszica in Chodzież from Wielkopolska Region in Poland is looking for partner schools from Spain and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to start up a cultural and linguistic exchange.
The school was set up in 1903. Our aim is to gain experience thanks to comprehensive exchange. We provide our pupils with a lot of methods of work, further, we develop new strategies of acquisition of knowledge. Our staff works really hard to enhance the conditions of getting across knowledge and we provide our pupils with a good level of schooling. We are modifying the school all the time to shape an appropriate area of education, moreover,  our pupils gain a great number of positive feedback on their knowledge. What is more, we have also strengthen education in the school by creating sport classes, it means that children can practise football, swimming, finswimming, volleyball, basketball, dance and gymnastics. It goes without saying that they gain good results in sport. Our school cooperates with a local football club which is called Polonia Chodzież. Thanks to this we can create sport classes in our school, further, we can train pupils and teach them how to play football professionally. Moreover, we attach significant weight to this issue in order to achieve good results and train qualified and committed footballers. We also invest in innovation and strive for improving our sport classes so our school footballers attend football trainings regularly. Interesting is the fact that, Polonia Chodzież cooperates with Extraclass Club KKS Lech Poznań and thanks to this cooperation, our pupils have the possibilities of taking part in different extraclass club’s matches in Poland. It should be taken into account that there are breathtaking and unforgettable experiences for them. It is nice to communicate that our determinate and conscientious school footballers have good results in numerous football matches. It would be nice to instigate a cooperation with a school to reinforce and inspire pupil’s motivation to play football and expand their talent, as well. Besides, we have also swimming classes which are trained by one of the best swimming and finswimming trainer in Poland. The school cooperates  with UKS Delfinek Chodzież which is a quite young club and its aim is to educate finswimmers and swimmers. What is more, finswimming is a very exciting and spectacular type of sport and our pupils desire swimming in a monofin or in two fins. We are a thriving swimming club because we have more than 100 members and seven groups: 2 finswimming teams, 4 groups which concentrate on improving swimming techniques and  1 MASTERS Team. We are proud of being the best finswimming club in Poland, further, we have also a lot of international success, such as: two members of the team – Julia Małachowska and Kinga Małachowska won two brown medals in European Swimming Championships in swimming in fins in 2015 which took place in Belgrade (Serbia) or we won the second place in Finswimming World Cup 2015 in Olsztyn (Poland).                        Another example of advanced sport’s activities in Chodzież is the fact that it can practise sailing and speedboat trips. Further, Chodzież is situated 7 kilometers from the modern water ski lift in Margonin and each year a lot of people practise water skiing. There are experienced and qualified trainers there. Undoubtedly, the European Water Skii Champion 2015 is a girl who lives in our region. If you are interested, you can follow us on the Internet                                        What is more, the school takes part in many projects and programmes, it means that they motivate pupils and teachers to achieve better results and the team shapes the excellent profile of the school. It is nice to inform that the school has participated in competitions, such as: a school of a good upbringing; eSchool Wielkopolska – Digital Children’s Encyclopedia Wielkopolska; the next is called – do not smoke next to me; the club of safe Winnie the Pooh which teaches children how to be cautious in the streets and a house, the school of discovering pupil’s talents, the school of Mathematics’ innovations and so on. As quickly growing the world, we offer a big range of different forms of knowledge and studying. Furthermore, we put a great emphasis on foreign languages, it means that English, German and Spanish are taught in our school.                                             
The list of planned  activities is below:
- mutual visits,
- becoming familiar with different habits and customs,
- polishing up English, German and Spanish,
- cultural exchange,
- the development of  sport’s activities, we can offer lessons with high – qualified teachers,
- visiting different places and the expansion of pupil’s knowledge about history, geography, and so on.
    The main purpose of the letter is to find partner schools and help pupils to acquire different and new experiences which can influence positively on their life. Besides, we desire to boost the pupil’s awareness of sport and cooperate with foreign schools to exchange ideas and give clues how to be an effective sportsmen and create a really qualified ones. What is more, practising foreign languages is important because it helps pupils to feel more confident and satisfied. We would like to regularly exchange information about our experience and progress.

Kind regards
Weronika Dutkiewicz – SP nr 1 in Chodzież

All interested partners are invited to contact:
Agnieszka Wieczorek
Wielkopolska Region Brussels Office


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